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Damaging Diets and Drinks

by Linh Cao-Chan, DDS on 09/14/14

Damaging Diets & Drinks

With the new year, many of us embark on new exercise regiments and diets to a healthier year. But be aware that some weight loss drinks & supplements, and sport energy drinks can be very acidic.  This can cause enamel erosion and cavities. Certain juice cleanses can contain a lot of lemon juice (very acidic), and can make teeth sensitive. Battery acid has pH of 1, and lemon juice has pH of 2, so ingest lemon juice sparingly! For those who like to drink Gatorade after/ during exercise, be aware that those drinks are also very acidic, similar to sodas. The ingredient citric acid is the culprit for low pH, so look for that on labels. Energy drinks such as Red Bull and Rockstar also have pH from 2.5-3.5. Diet sodas, while doesn't have the sugar, still has citric acid (used as flavor enhancer) and are as acidic as regular soda. I see a fair amount of patients getting cavities from drinking diet soda. So what can you drink - seems like everything is off limits! The answer is everything in moderation. Rinse out with water after consumption of something acidic, or drink milk or eat cheese- it will neutralize the acid more quickly. Click on this to see the pH chart of popular drinks.

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