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Gum Disease and Overall Health

by Linh Cao-Chan, DDS on 12/18/17

I'm sure you are well aware of the correlation between gum disease and systematic health problems such as heart disease. One theory is that the bacteria from gum inflammation enter the blood vessels and attach to fatty deposits, causing blood clots and stroke or heart attacks. Now there is more correlation linking gum disease to diabetes and kidney disease and obesity. Those with diabetes and kidney disease tend to be immuno-compromised and have dry mouths. Dry mouth can lead to more plaque & tartar buildup on teeth, and therefore more gingival inflammation. Those with obesity have more inflammatory factors released by the fat cells, which means the body is in constant low grade inflammation, which can lead to progression of gum disease, diabetes and heart disease. More research are showing at the cellular level the inflammation factors can add up and wreak havoc on your body. It's a circular pattern that link all these conditions and factors. This is why we emphasize regular cleanings, good hygiene- not just to preserve your teeth for the rest of your life, but also to maintain a healthy body. For more info about obesity and perio disease, click here.

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