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Needle -Free Anesthesia

by Linh Cao-Chan, DDS on 12/18/17

There's a great new development in dental numbing, a least favorite part of dental procedures. Most patients do not enjoy the needle injection. Now there is a new kind of anesthesia administered via intra-nasal spray, similar to flu vaccine done by nose spray. This method only works for the 10 upper front teeth, and doesn't apply for lower teeth needing work. A syringe of the anesthetic is sprayed into the nostril two times, with waiting time of 10-15 minutes for the anesthetic to become fully effective. It is indicated for adults and children weighing 90 lbs or more. I am sure they'll come out with lower dosage for younger children soon. It is not recommended for patients with uncontrolled hypertension or thyroid disease, or those taking tricyclic antidepressants. As usual, there are pros and cons with any medicine, but this looks to be a promising new modality of treatment that many will welcome. For more info click here.

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